These romantic Christmas films will melt your heart

Undoubtedly, Christmas is the most romantic time of the year. The weather is cold and suitable for lots of hugging action, the festive dinners with friends make it easier to meet a potential romantic interest (well, maybe not this year), and, of course, there’s the iconic ‘kissing under the mistletoe’ moment… Whether you have already found the love of your life, or you’re still praying for an amazing Christian partner, these Christmas films will melt your heart!

The Gift of Christmas

The gift of Christmas
The Gift of Christmas

‘The Gift of Christmas’ takes place in Kentucky. George and Denise Barnett have decorated their house for Christmas, but they are too caught up in their own problems to enjoy it. Denise, the church choir’s director, is worried about their upcoming Christmas concert. At the same time, George is worried about his best friend’s daughter; she’s a struggling actress in Hollywood, and she’s refusing to visit her father.

George’s brother, Allen, who also lives in LA, doesn’t seem to be keen on returning to Kentucky for the holidays, although he’s promised to do so… So, George comes up with the plan to persuade Allen to drive back to Kentucky, taking his best friend’s daugher with him.

Spoiler alert: it will be as hard as it sounds…

Watch ‘The Gift of Christmas’ here

Christmas Child

As Christmas is approaching, Jack, a successful journalist, is trying hard to wrap up the case he’s writing about before the holidays. In order to find more information about the case, he firstly visits Dallas. But there he finds a mysterious photo, which will force him to travel around Texas. A secret about his past will be revealed along the way.

This film is based on a story by the famous Christian author Max Lucado, and is starring Steven Curtis Chapman, a successful gospel singer who’s been active since the 80’s and has sung several hits. A touching Christmas film with an even more touching soundtrack, that will definitely make you feel the Christmas vibe!

Watch ‘Christmas Child’ here

Marry me for Christmas

Marry me for Christmas

All the single ladies out there, may we have your attention please? True ‘New Yorker’ Marci is busy living every career woman’s dream: she’s running a succcessful advertising agency. Of course, this is disappointing to her mum, who can’t wait to see her daughter married…

In order to appease her mum in time for Christmas, Marci comes up with the plan to have a colleague pretend to be her fiancée. What could possibly go wrong? Everything! A charming and lighthearted Christmas comedy about family expectations and finding true love!