Love is in the air: these are the most original romantic films to watch with your valentine

Valentine’s Day is a day of giving extra attention to the person you are in love with. Around the world people express their appreciation of love and care with greetings and gifts in the name of St. Valentine. And even though the whole event might sometimes feel a bit too commercial, we still believe that it’s a good idea to focus on the value of love at least once a year.

Did you know that Valentine’s greetings were popular as far back as the Middle Ages? At the time it was commonly believed that February 14th was the beginning of the birds’ mating season – considered to be a perfect day for love. So who are you sending your Valentines greetings to this year? Your wife or husband, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or perhaps to someone you secretly have a crush on?

No matter who will receive your romantic message on February 14th; it’s very likely that your words of love will have an even greater impact if you combine them with a romantic activity. To help you out, we’ve made list of our three most original romantic movies to watch with your valentine. Enjoy your evening!

Fat Chance

Alison, an overweight dental assistant, uses her attractive friend’s picture on an online dating website and falls into an online relationship with her long-time friend and crush, Justin. Will they be able to stay together when Justin finds out? Fat Chance is a romantic comedy about self-worth, accepting yourself and facing your blind spots. Inspired by a true story!

Watch ‘Fat Chance’

77 Chances

Does ‘Groundhog Day’ ring a bell? 77 chances is a Christian story about a man who wakes up to the same day … again and again. Jason’s life changes when he decides to put his dream to become a photographer aside and help his sister with their ill mother. It’s tough, but he regains hope when he meets McKenna who is the girl of his dreams. But when they go on a date it ends in tragedy. What doesn’t help is that he keeps waking up and reliving the whole day over and over again. Will Jason be able to stop all this and find true love?

Watch ’77 Chances’

Runaway Romance

Ann Stanway seems to have everything: a sweet fiancĂ© & lots of fame and money. However, she realises that it’s all fake when her fiancĂ© breaks up with her for promotional reasons. Deeply hurt, Ann decides to leave Hollywood and set out for a place where people are still authentic. She ends up in Amish Country, where she discovers the true meaning of life. The fact that nobody knows her there allows her to make many new friends and meet a charming architect who she falls madly in love with. A story that proves that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself – everything happens for a reason!

Watch ‘Runaway Romance’

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