Answering five of your most frequently asked questions about the New Faith Network smart TV app

We recently launched our smart TV app, for which we received a lot of great comments! However, during the last couple of weeks, we realised that a lot of our members either find it hard to use the app, or have questions about it. Getting positive feedback from happy subscribers is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do at New Faith Network. This is why we would like to take a moment to explain to you all the bits and pieces that you need to know about our smart TV app. This will allow you to make the most of your subscription and get the full audiovisual experience that our platform offers.

Use our Smart TV app in order to watch our wide selection of family-friendly content on your TV
Our smart TV app has arrived – Spend some quality time with your loved ones watching our well-curated selection of faith-based films and series

In this article you will find the five most frequently asked questions that we get from our subscribers about our newly-launched smart TV app, and our answers to them. In case your question is not listed below, or you still don’t have a sufficient answer to your query after reading this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service team!

1. Is the New Faith Network smart TV app available for my TV?

Our smart TV app is currently available for the tvOS (version 2.4.1 to 13) and Android (TV 7.1 to 10.0 version) operating systems.

Among the brands that use these operating systems are:

Apple TV HD (4) October 30, 2015

Apple TV 4K (5) September 21, 2017




Nvidia Shield

Xiaomi MiBox

MiBox S

Our smart TV app will soon be available for Tizen (Samsung TVs) and WebOs (LG TVs).

2. How can I download and install the New Faith Network smart TV app?

Step 1: Open the app store of your smart TV (Google Play, Apple App store, etc.)

Step 2: Search for “New Faith Network”

Step 3: Select “Install”

Step 4: Open the newly installed app

Step 5: Go to “Profile” (it’s the icon on the left of the screen)

Step 6: Type in your registered email address and password and select “Log in”

3. The New Faith Network smart TV app is not yet available for my smart TV, but I want to watch now! How can I watch your content on my TV?

There are several ways to watch our films and series on your own TV. Click on the device below for more information:

Media Player


Apple TV

HDMI Cable

4. When will the smart TV app for Samsung and LG smart TVs launch?

We intend to launch our smart TV app for Samsung and LG TVs as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our social media and newsletters so as to not miss any updates on that!

5. My TV is a smart TV, but I can’t find the New Faith Network app. How’s that even possible?

Some smart TVs have a very simple operating system, which only allows the use of a few selected apps. In order to install our smart TV app, you need to be able to access an app store through your smart TV. If this is not the case, please go back to question 3 and find a few possible options on how to watch on your TV.

Please find more information on how to use our smart TV app and how to stream our content in several different devices here.

We’re here to help! Do you have further smart TV-related questions? Then  please contact our Customer Service team through this link

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