The ‘Life of Jesus’ series: 7 reasons why it’s a must-watch

The series ‘The Life of Jesus’ is well-known for its big, high-quality production. On top of that, its camera work is breathtaking and its presentation of the events of His life stays faithful to the way that they are described in the Bible. And if that introduction was not convincing enough, we have seven more reasons for you to watch it. 

The performance of Cusick as Jesus is among the most popular performances of this role ever.


Do you ever wonder what John the Baptist would be like if you met him? Would he be calm? Would he be furious? Would he be a bit eccentric? In case you think he would be radiant and humble, but also outspoken, then you will love the way his personality is presented in the series. Cast as John the Baptist, the famous actor Scott Handy interprets the role of the man who announced the coming of Jesus and baptized Him.


The concept of the series is unique. In fact, no other Christian series is so faithful to the Bible and particularly to the Gospel of John. That makes the series a must-watch for you as a believer, but also for the friends of yours who are curious about what you believe in. Don’t hesitate to share it with them and to spread His message! 

The series’ director was Philip Saville (1930 – 2016). He was a British television and film director, but also a screenwriter and a former actor, whose career spanned half a century. The British Film Institute described Saville as “one of Britain’s most prolific and pioneering television and film directors”.


While watching the series, you can hear the world-renowned actor Cristopher Plummer (‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘The Last Station’, ‘The Return of the Pink Panther’). He is reading the Gospel as the images unfold. In 2012, Plummer won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in ‘Beginners’. If you’re a fan of classic voice-overs, this man’s narration is a must-hear.


Remember when you wanted to go to the cinema in order to watch the ‘Gospel of John’ film, but you somehow missed it? It was really not your fault, as the film never actually made it to the cinemas. This was due to a film that came out simultaneously and caused quite a stir, which resulted in it grabbing all the attention; That film was no other but ‘The Passion of the Christ’. 


Have you been recommended to watch ‘The Gospel of John’ by your pastor or your friends?  Have you spent years searching for it, but have been unable to find it anywhere? We have good news for you! The ‘Life of Jesus’ is actually the ‘The Gospel of John’ film. The only difference is that it’s renamed and divided in episodes. 

This production was inspired, among other things, by a 1970s film that was mainly based on the Gospel of Luke. That film featured sporadic Biblical narration. It’s titled ‘Jesus’, and it’s one of the most-watched films of all time. 


Do you find films that last more than two hours too long? By watching this series, you can experience the whole story of Jesus in 8 short episodes. This gives you the option to occasionally switch between episodes (and have time to to refill the popcorn, for example). Are you more of a film viewer? Then we would highly encourage binge-watching!


Last but not least, there’s the performance of Henry Ian Cusick (1967) as Jesus of course! The actor has the lead role in this film. Cusick began his career in the late 1990s, with small roles in various television series. His breakthrough was in 2001, when he appeared in several episodes of the British drama series ‘Casualty’. He rose to worldwide fame in 2005, when Desmond, his character, was introduced into the television series ‘Lost’. This role earned him an Emmy Award nomination. According to several rankings, his performance of the role of Jesus is one of the best of all time.

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