Inspirational films to watch on ‘World Day of Prayer’

On March 5th we celebrate World Day of Prayer. We’ve got a few inspirational films lined up for those moments when you’re not caught up in prayer or thoughts. But before we jump to the films, let’s talk about prayer for a bit.

As Christians we try to include prayer in our everyday lives. It’s not a duty, but more of an invitation from God to get closer to Him and learn about his path for us. Our prayers can be spontaneous or based on a text. It is, essentially, a relationship: we pray to God to get guidance, to digest and share experiences, to contemplate, and also to request the well-being of others, and of ourselves. We pray for so many different reasons that’s it’s impossible to mention all reasons here on our blog. Prayer may take place privately and individually, or in the presence of fellow believers.

The World Day of Prayer is all about praying together – even if we’re not physically together. It’s an international ecumenical movement that dates back to the 19th century and is led by Christian women. Today, it is being celebrated in over 170 countries around the world on the first Friday of March, when Christian women welcome us to join in prayer and action for peace and justice.

Prayer can provide a very powerful and close connection with God. He values us and our prayers are precious to Him! So let’s engage in Prayer whenever we have time. Perhaps you can try to find some time for prayer after reading this blog. He is always listening! And when you’re done, choose from one of the films below in which the act of prayer plays an important role.


Prayer Never Fails

A highschool coach is fired for praying with one of his players. But was the firing really about prayer or about different things that the basketball coach disovered about the principal? ‘Prayer Never Fails’ is a remarkable drama about an up-and-coming small-town highschool basketball coach, well on his way to a championship caliber season, when he is fired after he prays with one of his players. He fights, through the courts, to get his job back and for the right to pray in school. A beautiful film about the power of prevailing prayer.

Watch Prayer Never Fails

I believe

Brian Webber is a 9-year-old boy who experiences a supernatural encounter with God. This causes a lot of pushback from his atheist environment but it sure doesn’t stop him from going on an adventurous quest to find out more about what it is that Christians believe. His allies become the pastor of a local church and a wounded veteran. Brian’s unflinching faith brings about phenomena of God’s amazing power. ‘I Believe’ is a wonderful film about using childlike faith which can result in miracles.

Watch I Believe

Pamela’s Prayer

‘Pamela’s Prayer’ is a classic film about a father, a daughter and a loving God. Teenager Pamela has reached an age where she would like to go on romantic dates – even though her father wants her to stay at home with him. This film portrays the unique and pure story of Pamela from her birth in 1969 to her wedding day in 1991. In an age when purity is scoffed at, the prayerful dedication of Pamela’s father Wayne is an example for all who are in a parental role.

Watch Pamela’s Prayer

We hope you enjoy our recommendations!

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