Easter quiz – test your knowledge

Did people celebrate Easter before Jesus' time?

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Yes! Easter evolved from a pagan celebration of Spring to a celebration of Jesus' resurrection

Judas Iscariot is known for betraying Jesus. How much money did he receive?

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The betrayal of Jesus might be the most famous betrayal in world history. Although it is presumed that the thirty pieces of silver were the motivation of Judas' betrayal, there's still a lot we don't know about Judas. In the fifth episode of Jesus: His Life you can learn more about his story: https://newfaithnetwork.com/serie/1-6-jesus-his-life/S01/E05

What's the reason we associate eggs with Easter?

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Both decorated eggs and Easter bunnies have their origins long before our current Easter celebrations. They are old symbols of fertility and associated with Easter because of the start of Spring, when chickens lay more eggs. But eggs also have a strong connection to the Bible. For example, there's the story of Mary Magdalene carrying a basket of eggs to Jesus'grave to discover they had turned into bright shades of colour.

Jesus was crucified on Good Friday. But what do we commemorate the day before?

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On Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday we commemorate the Washing of the Feet and The Last Supper, which most denominations commemorate with Holy Communion.

What type of food was (probably) eaten at the Last Supper?

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We don't know exactly what Jesus and his disciples ate during their meal other than the bread and wine that are described in the Bible. But most historians agree that it would be likely that dried figs, olive oil and honey were also served.

Who was Barabbas?

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The Bible describes Barabbas as a murderer, but he is released when the people have to choose between him and Jesus. The two men who were crucified along with Jesus are Gestas and Dismas. Once We Were Slaves depicts a powerful meeting between them during the last night of their lives. Watch the film here: https://newfaithnetwork.com/video/1-0-once-we-were-slaves

Who found Jesus' grave empty, three days after the crucifixion?

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Mary Magdalene visits Jesus' grave three days after the crucifixion. She's a witness of his crucificion, the burial and the resurrection.

Easter quiz - test your knowledge!
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