7 interesting facts about the Christiano Brothers

1. Dave and Rich Christiano are not just brothers

They’re twins! Dave and Rich were born on 2 October 1956 in Waterloo, New York.

2. They didn't grow up Christian

Despite their last name, Dave and Rich were not alway Christians. Dave only became interested in his early twenties when he started dating a Christian girl whilst studying in Arkansas.

Very early in our relationship she asked me if I had ever asked Jesus Christ into my life. She told me the gospel, that Christ died for my sins, was buried and rose again. At the time I had no idea what she was talking about. She gave me a little book entitled, So What’s The Difference? This book showed me the different religions of the world and compared them to the Bible. I saw how important the spiritual aspect of life was and began to check into things.

The Christiano Brothers Story on ChristianFilms.com

3. They don’t always work together

Although the brothers have admitted they often bounce ideas off of each other they didn’t create all films together. About half of the films were made completely seperately. For the other half one brother supported the other in one way or another.

4. Dave coached cross-country

He used his experience for his films Remember the Goal and The Perfect Race.

Directing and Coaching are pretty much the same. The key word is Preparation. Coaches and Directors must do their homework BEFORE the game or before you shoot a scene. They both guide, instruct, mastermind, and hopefully succeed.

Interview: Dave Christiano from Cross Country Racing Movie “Remember the Goal” on MovieMom.com

5. Rich discovered David A.R. White

David A.R. White grew up to be one of the most famous people in the Christian film industry. At the age of 21 he had played a handful of roles like ‘Pizza Delivery Guy’. But Rich Christiano cast him in the lead role in Second Glance. David A.R. White also acted in Rich’s End of the Harvest.

Dave Christiano has explained that the film is based on his own first love. He also addressed that he hopes to offer some help to people going through a divorce initiated by a spouse like he did.

7. Dave produced the first ever Prime Time Christian dramatic TV series

In 2007 7th Street Theater premiered on TBN, the world’s largest Faith-based Television Network. He worked on it for a total of 9 years, creating 64 episodes.

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Image: Dave Christiano, actor Sean Ormand, Rich Christiano via Facebook.com/Five-Two-Pictures 

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