Why you need to see the movie From the Heart

Are you feeling romantic? Then you should definitely watch the movie From the Heart! During the movie you are sucked into the life of Kathy Yoder and the Amish culture. In this article you’ll read more about the movie, the important themes and it’s cast.

Kathy Yoder was once an Amish-girl, but she left her community and is now a succesful writer of travel guides. When Kathy returns home to take care of her father’s business, she is reminded of her past life and of her first love, Isaac. Does she decide to stay or does she go back to her life as a travelling writer.

Guilt and luck

Kathy has been searching her whole life, trying to find happiness. Throughout the movie she discovers who she is and who she wants to be. Guilt and her quest for luck are important themes in the movie. Eventually she has to follow her heart and make decisions that will change her life forever.

Actors in From the Heart

The american actrice Galadriel Stineman plays the roll of Kathy in the movie. Her husband, Kevin Joy, plays the roll of Isaac. In real life the actors are actually together!

From the Heart
Isaac en Kathy in the movie

Amish movies

Here at New Faith Network, we have a variety of movies that are about the Amish culture. Recently there has been a release of the movie Amish Grace, which is about a schoolshooting at an Amish-school. You can also watch the trilogy The Shunning on our platform. If you’d like to watch something similar to the movie From the Heart? Then we highly recommend you to watch Runaway Romance!

Do you want to watch From the Heart? Click here to see the movie!

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