Valentine films, but Christian…

Love is in the air for Valentine, and so are we, ready to sprinkle a bit of romance into your day! Whether you’re blissfully coupled up, praying for a partner, or enjoying the single life, join us on a love-filled adventure. This Valentine’s Day, let’s explore some romantic films that warm the heart and remind us of the power of love. Get cozy, grab some chocolate, and let the love stories unfold…

Christian Valentine picks

These films go beyond the usual romance and also embrace the deep-rooted values ​​of the Christian faith. Discover meaningful love stories infused with our love for Him and poignant moments that give Valentine’s Day that extra special meaning. In these Christian films for Valentine, you will find a unique mix in which love and faith come together harmoniously.

Valentine pick: Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

This delightful faith-based film explores love, authenticity, and faith. Victoria, used to winning hearts effortlessly, finds herself in uncharted territory when she joins a Christian home-building ministry to win over Jason. As romance unfolds, the film skillfully delves into the theme of authenticity, reminding us that genuine connections are built on true selves. Beyond the romance, Home Sweet Home beautifully intertwines stories, echoing the Proverbs 31:10 spirit. Get ready for a feel-good journey that goes beyond pretense, offering a refreshing take on love and faith.

Fat Chance

Fat Chance

Allison is an aspiring dental assistant battling weight-related insecurities. Torn between believing and telling a lie, she fabricates her online identity to find love. Based on a true story, the film explores the consequences of self-deception, societal prejudices, and the transformative power of faith. As Allison navigates her tangled web of lies, a surprising twist brings her face-to-face with the truth. ‘Fat Chance’ is a heartwarming tale that beautifully intertwines themes of self-worth, love, and the divine perspective that transcends outward appearances.

Meet You in Scotland

Meet You in Scotland

Go for a charming Scottish escapade with ‘Meet You in Scotland.’ When ambitious Jen receives an award on behalf of a colleague, a case of mistaken identity sets the stage for an unexpected love story with charismatic poet James MacDuff. Amid Scotland’s majestic landscapes, romance blossoms, and identity confusion adds a delightful twist to this fairytale. Will Jen reveal the truth, or let love take its course in the enchanting land of castles and discovery?

Valentine favourite: Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent

‘Heaven Sent’ is a heartwarming tale of late-life love starring Karen Abercrombie. Elise, a store owner, and Pastor Patrick find unexpected romance in their golden years. However, their budding relationship faces challenges when Elise’s grandson broadcasts their love story online, leading to comedic twists and family drama. This delightful film blends humour and genuine moments, exploring love, laughter, and the divine intervention that guides us through life’s unexpected turns.

Love Marks the Spot

Love Marks the Spot

Becca, a determined editor, and famed actor Lee navigate the challenges of saving a publishing company. Their quest for film rights leads them to Arcania, unveiling the final installment of the beloved “Lover’s Quest” series. Amid unraveling mysteries, they might find more than just a literary gem—a surprising spark of love. Join Becca and Lee in this enchanting tale where love marks a spot that could redefine their destinies.

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