Excited for the new year? These are our team’s New Year’s Resolutions!

Christmas is just around the corner, and the end of this (pretty turbulent) year is finally approaching! The COVID-19 crisis is still far from under control, but, that’s a major thing to keep in mind: in 2020, we learned that we can’t control everything, and that we need to be more patient. Because of these unprecedented circumstances, the end of the year will probably look a lot different to what it usually does. No big family gatherings, no live Christmas service in church, and no travelling. However, there’s one thing that will remain the same. What else? New Year’s resolutions!

The origin of New Year’s resolutions

The start of the year is always a blank canvas. You therefore get to write your own story, God willing. So, you’d better write a good one! Do you want to go on a diet? Check. Do you want to quit smoking? Check. Do you want to be spending less? Check. You can write everything down on your resolutions… the question is, will you stick to all these rules you’ve made for yourself, or will you make excuses to not follow them?

Even if you’re one of the people who don’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions, we’ve got an interesting little trivia for you: in fact, the concept of New Year’s resolutions started in Babylonia 4,000 years ago! At the time, that concept mainly aimed at people returning the tools they had borrowed (with no IKEA and cheap tools back then, people stealing others’ tools must have been a real pain).  In ancient Rome, New Year’s resolutions had the form of making a promise to treat your circle of friends, relatives and neighbours well. When Christianity emerged, this promise was replaced with the promise to pray and fast.

Today, making a list of New Year’s Resolutions is still a thing, although it mainly concerns writing down one’s self-improvement goals.

Our New Year’s Resolutions

Here at New Faith Network, we really believe in New Year’s Resolutions! Even if one doesn’t seriously plan on changing their habits, acknowledging that something is bad for them is a great first step. This is why we have decided to share our New Year’s resolutions with you. We hope they give you some inspiration to change things that you don’t like about yourself in 2021!

So, here’s what our team members will change in 2021:

Miriam: “In 2021, I’d like to do more workouts and to read at least one book per month”.

Machiel: ‘I agree with Miriam: I’d also like to make more time to read in 2021’.

Eva: “This year I’d like to cut down on food waste. I sometimes go to the grocer’s and buy lots of stuff that I don’t eat. And guess what: It often goes bad. I feel guilty that, while lots of people are starving out there, I constantly throw food away. Oh, in 2021 I’d also like to quit the habit of biting my nails because of my anxiety… then, I’ll go to the nail salon and get a fancy manicure!”.

Christoffer:  ‘First of all, I’d like to discover new hobbies in 2021. Secondly, I’d like to not be busy with everything at the same time (multitasking went a bit wrong this year).  Finally, I’d like to give myself more compliments!”.

Caroline: ‘When we’re done with Covid, which will probably be next year, I’d like to go on a nice long road trip in the US, Cuba or Thailand! Which means I should save a little more money… hey, that’s also a good resolution for 2021!”.

We’re looking forward to reading your own resolutions! Please share them with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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