5 Films to Beat Blue Monday Blues

Although it isn’t actually winter over on our side of the world right now, we all could use a burst of warmth and positivity this time of year. What better antidote to the Blue Monday blues than a curated selection of films to offer us inspiration? Let’s walk in hope this Blue Monday, or any Monday, or any day…

Some Blue Monday Recommendations

Embrace the enchanting world of film as we navigate through stories designed to uplift our spirit. Let the captivating narratives, charming characters, and powerful messages transport you to a realm of positive vibes. This Blue Monday, grab your favourite snacks, settle in, and allow the enchantment of these five films to turn your day into a celebration of what we all need a little more of sometimes: Hope.

Blue Monday tip: Discarded Things

Discarded Things

Grace Wyatt’s life’s been one wild rollercoaster, full of twists and turns. From an abusive past with her churchy dad to losing her fiancé tragically, Grace battles addiction and pain. The ride takes her to the Devlin House, a spot for misfit youth, and there, something magical happens. Through struggles and healing, Grace’s journey becomes a beacon of hope for her and the kids she helps. It’s raw, real, and a tale of triumph over life’s messiness. Watch Discarded Things, a journey from rock bottom to redemption.

Break Every Chain

Break Every Chain

Jonathan, a rookie cop haunted by the loss of his father, grapples with daily trauma and questions God’s goodness. Torn between addiction, infidelity, and the challenges of his job, he faces a crucial choice. Break Every Chain unfolds the true story of Jonathan and Stacy, a couple battling through pain, humility, and forgiveness. With Christ-like support from a local pastor, fellow officer, and loved ones, they find healing in ways only God can provide.

Miracle at Manchester

Miracle at Manchester

Discover Miracle at Manchester, a true-story film weaving the lives of baseball player Brycen and a mechanic. As Brycen faces a life-altering diagnosis, this film explores faith, perseverance, and the mysterious ways God connects lives. Blessings are found in the unexpected, and this film reminds us of that like no other, asking challenging questions about prayer, miracles, and enduring faith.

The Reason

The Reason

The ordinary intersects with the extraordinary in The Reason, as a mysterious stranger transforms a small town. Follow the journeys of a mother desperate for her son’s health, conflicting doctors wrestling with their beliefs, and a blind pastor seeking solace for his speechless son. Experience the enchantment of belief and extraordinary miracles in this captivating film. As the enigmatic man touches their lives, all of them are taught the true meaning of faith and hope.

First Responders

First Responders

At the end of the day, hope can be found in remembering God’s working all around us and through us. First Responders, telling the stories of firefighters, EMTs, and cops, truly shines a light on this. Explore the challenges these heroes face on and off duty, navigating intense tragedies, mental health struggles, and the power of prayer. As their personal and professional worlds collide, First Responders showcases the sacrifices and resilience of those who risk their lives daily. Witness the impact of faith and prayer in the face of life-or-death situations and gain a new perspective on these real-life heroes.

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